Everywhere we look provides excellent evidence of just how smoothly our existing legal and governmental structure is operating. As Bill Moyers says,

“The system isn’t broken; it’s fixed.”

Corporations are neither “good” nor “bad” but simply fiscal vehicles functioning in perfect accord with legal doctrines that have been carefully constructed for over 100 years. It’s past time for us to craft municipal laws that publicly reveal and challenge those specific doctrines that currently allow a corporate few to override community democratic decision-making authority. And it has to start at the local level. Our state & federal levels of government are utterly captured: elected officials that don’t subscribe to the belief that commercial interests must have veto power over all other interests do not remain in office for long.

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

But 150 communities are leading the way, demonstrating that “deep democracy” change is possible when we the people enact rights-based municipal laws first and then drive those changes upward.  Pittsburgh’s done it. Spokane is doing it. So is Benton County, Oregon. Why not Portland?